GODSON Lifts is Chennai's fast-growing elevator company. The company manufactures, install, modernise and maintain elevators. The company was established in September 2013, by Mr. R Moses, with the aim provide the best quality elevators / lifts with the latest technology for its customers.

Company caters to every need of the customers, whether it is a sophisticated / complex elevator for a tall multi-storey building or a simple lift for a two-story home. Lifts are designed and erected to providing the safest and most reliable solution possible, complying with the industry standards.

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We are pleased to have availed services from Godsonlifts, chennai as our present and future lift requirement company.

- Ram -

We are extremely happy to have a lift at our residence where the space was constraint and godsonlift made easy and doable. good job Team!

- Anjali -

All our projects where godsonlifts completed the lift work on-time and made our works easy!!

- Krishna -